Sunday, 28 January 2007

Bid for the contents of the tuck bin

The People (part of Mirror Group Newspapers) are the latest to cash in on the craze of running bizarre auctions for charity.

Up for sale are a Strong used PG tips teabag, One used 3A Duracell battery, One Peanut - dry roasted, A packet of cheesy Quavers with one crisp and One After Eight Wrapper, Chocolate already eaten.

Sadly they show the normal sensationalist attitude of the tabloids and appear oblivious to eBay for Charity and Missionfish - they probably don't expect to raise enough to go to the effort of signing up! They've used a virgin account with no feedback and no information to link the auctions to the newspaper which does make the charity claim appear dubious to the casual browser. It's worth noting that when the charity card is played it's better to be transparent with plenty of information rather than leave bidders wondering. A link to the article on The People website wouldn't have gone amiss.

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