Monday, 29 January 2007

eBay scrap reserve prices in Spain

As fee announcements roll out across Europe similar to those announced for the UK this morning Spain goes one step further. They are to scrap all reserve prices and remove the feature from the Spanish website. According to the Spanish price change announcement reserve prices created frustration for buyers not knowing how high they would have to bid in order to win the auction.

What is the reserve price and why have you eliminated it?

It was an option that allowed the seller to fix a minimum selling price which remained hidden to the buyer. It was used very little by sellers, and created frustration amongst buyers when they didn't know at what price they could buy the item. Due to this, we have decided to discontinue it.

As stated earlier today we predict reserve prices will be eventually withdrawn from the UK site as well.

In accordance with the commitment to reinvest in eBay core to make eBay fun and unique again, eBay Spain are to encourage auctions. Fixed Price listing fees will be slightly higher than auction format.

Also Best Offers in Spain are now available in all categories.

A final humerous note, in error eBay have given a browser title of "eBay EspaƱa: 10p Listing Day" to the announcement. Well in the UK for media sellers every day's a 10p listing day from now on ;-)

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