Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Famous Belgians

It seems like someone is quite pleased: for the first time in the history of fees on eBay Belgium, we're announcing a reduction:
  • Items with start prices less than €1,99 have the insertion fee halved to 5c.
  • Listing designer is now free with Turbo Lister.
  • On the not so good side, home page featured increases from €24,95 to €39,95, and category featured increases too.
As with the rest of Europe, these changes are as of 1st March.

Very different from the UK and Ireland and Spanish changes announced yesterday, these changes seem designed to get new sellers onto the Belgian site: cheaper starts on the lowest price items will appeal to those who have never sold, and no doubt attract buyers too, but professional sellers in Belgium will be thinking again today about their use of listing upgrades.

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